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The Great Muppet Sell-Out.

Isn't it sad when a great childhood icon sells out to the soul consuming corporations for a few measly quid and promotes products.

Yes. The Muppets have officially joined the ranks of the Corporate Rock Whores, selling out to promote Renault cars and MasterCard.

Piggy! Kermit! Fuzzy! Animal! Swedish Chef? NO!

Think of what you are doing? Think of those children who supported you in the lean 70's who grew up under your tutelage at the Muppet Theatre! Who sang along and understood that it was 'not easy being green'. Now that we have joined the ranks of the adults, the idyllic veneer of innocence has been lost... But why did you have to take our warm fuzzy childhood memories and stick a corporate logo one them??? WHY???

If times were tough, you could have come to us, we would have helped out. And I am sure that when I say we, I mean it, that I would not be the only person to help support you. Perhaps an adopt-a-muppet scheme???

Note to self. Irony it seems is indeed a dish best served warm with a nice side-salad.

(WARNING: For the humour impaired, this editorial was not written with a mind to being entirely serious.)
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