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Can Anyone remember

“bagpuss, dear bagpuss, old fat furry cat-puss,
wake up and look at this thing that i bring,
wake up, be bright, be golden and light,
bagpuss, oh hear what i sing…”

A few years back during one of those 'I Love the 1970's' programs, I recall one of the unlikely celebrity pundits stating that they recalled a comparison and parallel between Bagpuss and the Russian Revolution...

All I really remember was that Professor Yaffle was compared to the aristocracy, and that the mice were the proletariat. It was amusingly accurate, especially so when the author was interviewed and said that there was no intentional parallels, and that Bagpuss was all about children's toys living in the child's imagination.

Does anyone else remember, or better yet, have the full text of this amusing comparison as I have been trying to share this with friends for a while but its far less funny when you haven't got all the details. Any help or just backing me up on this would be appreciated.

Anybody? Bueller?
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